Our Team

The staff at the Palm Beach County Convention Center consists of true professionals, who are at your service to help you plan, coordinate and execute your event.
From your initial contact with our office to the end of your event, our staff cares and works hard to make your job easier and your event a complete success.

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Photo Headshot of Carlo Massaro, Director of Event Services

Carlo Massaro

Director of Operations

Phone: 561-366-3011
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Headshot of Jim Curtis, Operations Manager

Jim Curtis

Engineering Manager

Phone: 561-366-3042
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Photo Headshot of Mervin Lee Set-up & Housekeeping Manager

Mervin Lee

Set-up & Housekeeping Manager

Phone: 561-366-3068
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Wayne Massey

Parking Manager

Phone: 561-366-3305
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Photo of Roger Beattie outside

Roger Beattie

IT Manager

Phone: 561-366-3067
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March Photo outside

Marc Celestin

Public Safety Manager

Phone: 561-366-3048
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Geraldine Faulds

Administration Manager

Phone: 561-366-3022
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