West Palm Beach Mayor touts economy, lowest crime rate in two decades and growth

JANUARY 31, 2023

Men standing looking off to distance to mayor

At his fourth State of the City address, West Palm Beach Mayor Keith James declared “the secret is out” in touting the city as one of the country’s top destinations for residents and businesses, highlighting a 20-year low violent crime rate and rising property values.

He boasted about ongoing community redevelopment projects, better police engagement, and private-public partnerships as key reasons for why people are flocking to the city from the “high taxed northeast.”

And James said socioeconomic rifts from across the country during the early stages of the pandemic didn’t derail growth in West Palm Beach.

“We adapted in the face of a global pandemic only to be followed by a season of discord in politics, cries for social justice that nearly divided our country in an uncertain economy,” James said. “And, still, our city continues to thrive and maintain its status as a top choice in desired destinations for families, visitors, and for businesses wanting to relocate.”