The Sneaker Exit

May 11, 2024

Sneaker Exit Logo with sneaker

Ultimate Sneaker Trade Show

The Sneaker Exit is the ultimate sneaker trade show. Highlighting sneakers and the streetwear culture. The premier stop for your sneaker journey. The Sneaker Exit is a fun environment for you to conduct transactions of footwear, clothing, and accessories.



Attendees can purchase from our registered vendors or they can purchase from other attendees as well!



If you are the owner of a sneaker store, a collector, or just a reseller of sneakers and streetwear, you can register as a vendor to sell your merchandise. Attendees can bring in sneakers and streetwear to sell as well!



You can trade your sneakers and streetwear with vendors or attendees who are willing! Tired of sneakers you’ve had for a while or never got the chance to wear those brand new kicks? Bring them to The Sneaker Exit and trade!