July 28, 2018

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SoleFest is Florida's first and largest sneaker convention for people to buy, sell, and trade their shoes. Come and enjoy sneaker related events, art, competitions, raffles and giveaways.


About SoleFest Sneaker Convention

SoleFest is Florida’s first and largest sneaker convention for people come to buy, sell and trade shoes.

SoleFest was founded on July 28, 2012 in Orlando, Florida. Since then we have traveled to Miami, Atlanta, West Palm Beach, Washington D.C., Charlotte, Tampa, Naples, Fort Lauderdale, Tallahassee and Jacksonville.

SoleFest began because our city was overlooked and underrated as a sneaker city; nobody thought Orlando had sneakerheads or a strong sneaker community. Since then we have helped grow Orlando’s sneaker community as well as many other cities. Our mission has always been and will be to continue to give back to sneaker communities and shed a positive light on the sneaker culture and industry. SoleFest isn’t your average sneaker event where people just come to buy, sell or trade shoes.

SoleFest is a family friendly event and we want to make sure everyone has fun the entire event. We have a giveaway every hour just to make sure everyone has a chance to go home a winner giving away shoes, shirts, sneaker cleaners, and more. Enter your favorite pair of shoes in our Sneaker of SoleFest competition for a chance to win $100 cash prize. Every vendor has a chance to win a $100 cash prize by having the best vendor table. SoleFest understands that the sneaker industry has blossomed due to its rich history so we do our best to respect it every event.

While we want to make sure you have fun at SoleFest, in order to do this our highest priority is making sure everyone is safe and comfortable. That means at each event we have Police/security and our locations are in safe areas with proper lighting, staffing and air-conditioning. We want you to avoid worrying about getting scammed online or risking your safety through online meet ups by giving you a safe place to conduct any sneaker business.