2024 Rhythmic - Development Program Championships

June 1, 2024 - June 2, 2024

2024 Rhythmic - Development Program Championships Logo

At Champion Rhythmics we provide the highest quality training combined with a fun and exciting learning experience for girls ages 2 and up!

Rhythmic Gymnastics is an Olympic Sport in which girls perform routines choreographed to music and accompanied by colorful hoops, balls, ropes, ribbons and clubs. It includes elements of ballet, dance and acrobatic skills. Rhythmic Gymnastics develops posture, body lines, flexibility, balance, overall fitness and agility. This unique sport combines elegance and beauty of a dancer with strength and coordination of an athlete.

Gymnastic Programs lead by Russian National Champion in Rhythmic Gymnastics, Masha Kaluzhskaya Weitz.

Come try it out! No deposit! No registration fee! Free trial lesson!

At Champion Rhythmics we are committed to providing highest quality of Rhythmic Gymnastics training and giving our athletes an opportunity to grow to their full potential in a fun, friendly and safe environment. We believe that to be become a champion you must train like one. Our coaches, programs and facility will allow every child to learn the beautiful sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics and to achieve their individual goals.

Our mission is to raise strong, confident, resilient, smart and dedicated young women who will be able to set and achieve goals, think critically, work with passion and never give up. We want our gymnasts to be champions at heart. Sport is a wonderful vehicle for children to learn many important life lessons and the beautiful Olympic Sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics is a wonderful choice.

1. To help each gymnast develop their full potential and achieve their individual goals.

2. To provide our gymnasts and coaches with the opportunity to learn using the best newest tools and techniques known in this sport.

3. To help kids develop the love of sport and to bring awareness to the importance of physical activity for a future healthy lifestyle.